About Us

The Pondy Surgical Centre endeavors to redefine & bring healthcare within the reach of every individual at an affordable cost. A diligent team of professionals and highly qualified doctors renowned in their respective fields of specialty are a part of the Pondy Surgical Centre.

Here we aim to provide a seamless healthcare delivery system encompassing tertiary, secondary and primary care. Special attention has been given to the design and aesthetics of different categories of rooms for the patient with each spacious room being naturally well ventilated and well illuminated.

Pondy Surgical Centre is a 17-bedded hospital. 12 beds are reserved for economically weaker section, an Operation Theatres, ICU Beds, 24×7 Emergency facilities, full range of state-of-the-art diagnostic laboratories and a comprehensive rehabilitation facilities.

Our aim has always been to bring world-class medical care within the reach of common man. Pondy Surgical Center has progressed bringing in the latest and the most modern medical care in critical and life threatening areas like Oncology, Cardiac, Orthopaedics, Nephrology and Neuro Surgery.

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