The medical care at our Hospital is inspired by a core belief on the fact that every woman is special person, and the best healthcare for her emerges from a deep understanding of her physiology, emotions, aspirations and anxieties by aiming to be in her health comfort zone.

Our gynaecological department provides preventive and primary gynecological care as well as comprehensive medical and surgical care to women with diseases of the reproductive system. Medical and surgical modalities are available to treat gynecologic conditions including urinary incontinence, management of pelvic support, and pediatric and adolescent gynecology to females with diseases of the
reproductive system.

Our team of highly qualified & experienced Doctors specializes in diagnosing as well as treating all cases of gynecological diseases, both benign and malignant by conservative & operative approach.

Surgeries ranging from simple daycare procedures to the most advanced minimal invasive surgeries are undertaken with care, compassion and commitment.

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